Displacing Diesel With LNG Will Enable Fuel-Intensive Businesses To Improve Sustainability & Reduce Costs, Without Sacrificing Performance


Reduction of

CO2 Emissions


Reduction of

Particulate Matter



of Fuel Cost

Cool's DPLC™ technology establishes LNG fuel as highly cost-efficient, proximate to domestic markets, and ready for adoption.


Fuel Intensive Industries Contribute Most Emissions

Government policy and consumers are placing increasing pressure upon businesses to act.

Businesses need practical solutions to improve sustainability without sacrificing efficiency.

Our Vision

Supply affordable and commercially scalable clean fuel to industries.

Promote the development and adoption of clean fuel alternatives.

Contribute to a future where growth and sustainability run parallel.

Our Focus

We are building scalable LNG projects to supply clean fuel for applications including heavy haul trucking, mine haul trucking, rail freight, and remote power needs.

If you're a fuel-intensive business looking for solutions to improve environmental sustainability, we can help.

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