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Technology From The Past, Supercharged.

Since early 2015, Cool has been focused on the development and commercialization of a new modified aqua ammonia absorption refrigeration process. The base technology for MA3™ is over 160 years old; the first patent was granted in 1859 to Ferdinand Carré of France. Cool has developed a method to supercharge this old technology.

Refrigeration Technology For The Energy Transition.

Cool's Modified Aqua Ammonia Absorption ("MA3") technology provides ammonia refrigerant as cold as -75ºC, improving the performance of Small Scale Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage, ("ssCCUS"), Small Scale Liquefied Natural Gas ("ssLNG"), and Natural Gas Liquids ("NGL") Extraction processes. 

Workers at Gas Plant

Industries Need Practical Solutions.

Government policy is mandating that industries reduce the carbon intensity of their operations, or face stringent penalties.

Carbon-intensive businesses need market-ready solutions to mitigate emissions while remaining competitive.

Canadian Energy Experience. Canadian Energy Innovation.  

Averaging 30+ years of experience in the energy sector, Cool's management team has a proven track record of starting new ventures, executing growth, and achieving successful exits.


By utilizing MA3technology and leveraging Canada's existing talent pool and energy infrastructure, Cool believes that Canadian heavy industries can lead in surpassing emissions targets and achieving climate commitments. 


Solutions Today, for a Cleaner Tomorrow.

Cool is pleased to provide preliminary engineering and financial analysis for interested parties with viable ssCCUS, ssLNG, and NGL Extraction projects.

If you're a carbon-intensive business looking for cost-effective solutions to reduce the emissions of your operation, we can help.

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