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'Supercharged' technology could open new markets for ssLNG

July 15, 2019

'Supercharged' technology could open new markets for ssLNG

JWN Energy spoke to Colin Nikiforuk about his supercharged version of a 160-year-old refrigeration technology that holds promise for both small-scale LNG projects and for natural gas liquids recovery.

In 2010, a natural gas well in the Mackenzie Delta that fuelled one of Inuvik’s two power plants started to have operational issues. This resulted in many sleepless nights for Colin Nikiforuk, the general manager of the Ikhil Joint Venture contemplating alternative natural gas supply options.

In 2013, the Northwest Territories Power Corporation switched the community to a more stable natural gas supply of LNG, trucked in from FortisBC’s Tilbury Island LNG facility, supplementing the diesel-fuelled power plant. But that wasn’t enough –  Mr. Nikiforuk wanted to make LNG cheaper and more efficient. 

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