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Cool's LNG Technology Selected for $100 Million Arctic Project

March 21, 2021

Cool's LNG Technology Selected for  $100 Million Arctic Project

In anticipation of the Inuvialuit Energy Security Project ("IESP"), Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc. ("Ferus NGF") has entered into partnership with the Inuvialuit Petroleum Corporation ("IPC"), launching a program aimed at building capacity in Northwest Territories communities adjacent to the proposed IESP.

IESP involves the construction of a gas plant that will process natural gas and convert it into liquefied natural gas ("LNG") using Cool's proprietary technology:

  • Modified Aqua-Ammonia Absorption ("MA3") - Cool's patented refrigeration system; and

  • Dense Phase Liquefaction Cycle ("DPLC") - Cool's patented LNG process. 

The IESP Project Report says "The MA3 and DPLC technology are well suited for operation in remote northern climate applications due to the robust nature of the technology and low system complexity which results in simple control strategy for the operations team. The process can be readily started and stopped in cold or warm ambient conditions with established procedures developed through many cycles of running the LNG facility. Cold weather design and operating practices are well understood by the developers of the DPLC technology."

Read Ferus NGF's press release here: 

Read the article in Natural Gas Intel here:

Read the IESP Project Description: 2020 IESP Project Description

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